Rails 3: Organic Unicorn Whispers

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Ladies and gentleman, I’m about to jack you up with some tasty treats. Thats right, prepare to get hit in the face with a fist of refreshing merriment. You think this is a joke? Cause I’m not laughing…

Rails 3.. This bundle of delight is sure to put a smile on your ugly ass. So scrumptious in fact, after reading this blog post you’re probably going to do one of two things.

• frolic through the sunkissed meadow blowing dandelion petals
• feed splashing narwhals sardines out of you smiling mouth

Thats the kind of elation you’ll get when you bear witness to what Rails 3 pony’s up. Pretty much on par with organic unicorn whispers.

Lets begin this exaltation with our rapture from dependency hell. Meet my new best friend bundler. 1.) Specify your gems in a Gemfile  2.) Run “bundle install” 3.) Profit.. Need to lock down your gems? “bundle lock” I’ll let you marinate on that for a second…

Scope this player..

  class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
    scope :published, lambda {
      where("posts.published_at <= ?", Time.zone.now)
    scope :published_since, lambda { |ago|
      published.where("posts.published_at >= ?", ago)
    scope :recent, published.order("posts.published_at DESC")

Stop drooling all over your keyboard for a second there chief and reflect on the allure of these refactored scoping methods. Ahhh, yes..

Moving on, stay with me..

No more pouting over routing. Rails 3 sprinked nectar all over routing’s face. Basically, more minimalist, succinct, powerful, flexible, sexy routing. e.g.

  # Rails 3
  root :to => 'forthe#win'

  # Rails 2
  map.root :controller => "forthe", :action => 'win'

  # Rails 3
  resources :products do
    resource :category
    member do
      post :short
    collection do
      get :long

  # Rails 2
  map.resources :products, :member => {:short => :post}, :collection => {:long => :get} do |products|
    products.resource :category

Still want more, fine.. How about agnosticism? Use whatever ORM you like. Use whatever javascript library your pretty little head desires. Rails 3 won’t judge you.

Well cupcake, so ends another spectacularly humorless blog post.. Hopefully you’re not nauseated by my writing and are becoming elated to begin working with Rails 3.

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